My Signature is not showing up in my email?

If  your signature is not showing up in your email after your first signature setup.

Please check the following:

Most common:

  • Usually all you need to do is to simply refresh your email window: Click Ctrl +Shift+ R on your email window and wait until your Webmail service reloads.
  • Restart your browser.
  • Reinstall - Click to reinstall WiseStamp – this solves most of the issues (and don’t worry – it will keep your signatures).
  • Gmail users: Make sure you are using "Rich Formatting"; WiseStamp will not work with "Plain Text". In order to switch from "Plain Text" to "Rich Formatting: In the "compose new email" box, simply click 'Rich formatting >>' and you are good to go.

If none of the above works try the following:

If none of the above works- you might have a specific issue with your personal Profile, what you might want to do is to create a new profile. Check out the Firefox or the Chrome guide. After creating a new profile install WiseStamp again and see if the problem is solved.

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