1. In which email services / browsers can I use WiseStamp?

  2. What are the supported platforms for WiseStamp

  3. How can I assure WiseStamp has no Spyware or Adware?

  4. My emails are hitting spam what can i do? How to avoid my emails being flagged as spam?

  5. Can I recommend adding a social service or messenger to WiseStamp?

  6. I have a great idea that will improve WiseStamp! What should I do?

  7. Who can view my WiseStamp signature?

  8. Where can I get WiseStamp help or support?

  9. What CSS attributes are supported in email?

  10. How is my privacy respected & protected ?

  11. What does the chrome permission message mean?

  12. Assuring WiseStamp is 100% safe and Virus free!

  13. Does WiseStamp have an Affiliate program?

  14. How can I have WiseStamp on another computer or another browser?

  15. When I send emails my recipients don't always see the images

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