My emails are hitting spam what can i do? How to avoid my emails being flagged as spam?

WiseStamp is a service and a tool that helps you create nifty email signatures. Although the typical use of WiseStamp does not revoke spam filters, sometimes emails that include a WiseStamp email signature may hit email spam filters.

So how can you avoid this from happening?
The best way to avoid spam filters is to understand how they work. Generally speaking, spam filters look at a long list of criteria to judge whether or not your entire email is junk. For example, they might look for spammy phrases like "CLICK HERE!" or "FREE! BUY NOW!". They'll assign points each time they see one of these phrases. Certain criteria get more points than others, therefore, even if removing the signature helps the email pass spam filters it does not necessarily mean that the reason it was marked spam was the signature itself.
In most cases examined by us, we have found that user emails that hit spam resulted from a personal "spammy" element included by the user in his email or signature. Some "spam triggers" you should take note of are:

  • Problematic hosting of  your logo / image.
  • Animated images.
  • Overload of links in the email (on top of the signature links) etc...
  • Problematic spammy links or text in the email such as "Free" "Money back guarantee" etc..

The good news is that all of these can be fixed. We recommend you to try and 'clean' your emails from such problematic elements as well as omit such phrases from your signatures in case you confront repetitive spam alerts.

For your convenience we attached some extra resources and tools to help you avoid spam:

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