How can I assign my signature to a specific email address?

Once you’re done with the signature creator, your signature is set to appear in all your email addresses by default. Since we know not all users like that (e.g. people who share their computer), you can easily assign your signature to only send with a specified email.

    1. Go to Signature settings
    2. If you want your signature to be sent with only 1 specific email, select your signature from the list, and write the correlating email address when prompted.
    3. If you’d like a specific email to have no signature sending in emails, click “+Assign to another email.”
      When the line pops up with “None” in the signature column, input the designed email in the prompted box.
    4. To edit the email address in the future just hover your mouse over the email and click the pencil icon.
      To remove the line entirely click the trash can icon.

    If you go PRO you can set a different signature for compose and reply emails, too. Click here to upgrade!

    We’ve also put together this quick video showing exactly how these settings work:

Updated on May 17, 2020

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