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How do I add my signature to my email?

If you’re using a web based email program (such as Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.), download the WiseStamp extension to your browser. Select your browser below for a step by step guide.


If you’re using a desktop mail program, such as Outlook or Mac Mail, you’ll need to export your signature into your signature settings.

  1. Click “Manage email clients”
  2. Select your mail program from the pop-up.
    For best results, read and follow all directions precisely. This will ensure the signature formats correctly.
  • If your mail program isn’t listed in the options provided please try using the Outlook tool.
  • If your mail program requires the HTML code, select the Thunderbird option.

  • For iPhone, select the iOS option.

If you need further assistance with this please email support through support@wisestamp.com. Be sure to include which mail program and browser you’re using.

Updated on November 2, 2017

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